An Unattractive Partner

There are few people who want to be physically intimate with a partner who has gotten out of shape. They see their spouse or significant other and wonder why they are together, or they begin to think about leaving them. Breaking up is often difficult, and divorce is even worse. Being with a person who has become unattractive may not be appealing, but it is better than the alternative of finding someone else. This is one reason people stay together, but it is not a good way to live.

People in long term relationships tend to eat more and exercise less, and the conveniences of modern life help sustain this type of behavior. Running around now means completing errands, but it used to mean exercising. Less exercise, bad food choices and a lack of motivation have led couples to fall into this dangerous rut. Some of them will begin to make positive changes in their lives, but their partner may not be willing to improve. This leads them to consider alternatives, and it includes finding relief in VR porn rather than being intimate with their partner.

Exercise and a good diet are not fun, but they are part of the burden of modern man. A partner who refuses to get back in shape is making the choice to cut ties with their partner, and it is no wonder the other person will don a virtual reality headset and venture into the new world of virtual reality porn. The industry as a whole has worked hard to attract more customers, and male masturbators are their target audience.

Refusing to get fit is a way of telling a partner they are not worth the effort, and this is dangerous. It may or may not end the relationship, but the couple will stop growing together as a team. The need for intimate physical relief can now be found by using technology, and this endangers a couple's interaction even more. Getting fit and staying in shape is the best way to retain a relationship and live a longer, happier life.